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Kauai High School

Varsity Raiders Win Homecoming!!! 27-17 Raiders!

On the run!


Missed it!

Powderpuff Game

Powderpuff Game

The band supporting the Powderpuff players.

Senior class showing their spirit. 

Homecoming Royal Court

Representing their soccer team!

Favorite jerseys!

Freshman Kaed, Allison, Hailey, and Napua work together to the dye their shirts for the Homecoming Lip Sync

Freshman Ava working at gym set up 

Freshman Edilyn and Yuna decorating the bleachers

Freshman council and volunteers pose in front of their banner once done with the decorations

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

 Archive of Principal's Messages 

August 28, 2017
Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of Kauai High School,
Participation in Athletics, clubs or student events is a key part of any student's education. At KHS we believe in and act upon our Vision Statement each and every day and extra-curricular activities are a key partner in helping us implement our vision of: "Creating and sustaining a culture that Educates, Engages, and Empowers ALL to be successful"
Implementation of that vision involves making sure students experience five key areas which are illustrated below. Participation in extra-curricular activities is an integral part in fulfilling the Vision because clubs and athletics makes a student "feel cared for and encouraged to grow". Unlike our cellphones, student did not come with a GPS navigation system pointed at the finish line of high school graduation. All of our KHS staff, parents, guardians, coaches and teacher club moderators act as the students GPS system. Everyone is needed to guide these students on their journey. We are all "coaches" empowering our students to navigate the journey ahead of them, not with the stars as their ancestors did but with GPS systems and tools provided by a Kauai High Education involving not only academics but life lessons that are taught through participation in extracurricular activities and athletics. Come to Open house and learn more about our academics, our clubs, and our teachers. There is a general "get to meet the teacher" session in the courtyard from 5-7pm and then class specific information provided in grade level meetings by the counselor. So come enjoy both informational sessions.
Anne Kane
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