Grade 9 only  starts August 1, all grades  at school on August 2 to start the 2016-17 school year
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Kauai High School

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

May 31, 2016

 Dear Parents,

 As another schoolyear closes we want to thank you for entrusting your students to Kauai High.  We have had a busy year including a WASC accreditation visit resulting in accreditation status confirmed through the 2021-22 school year.  The preliminary State test results show growth in learning for English, Math and Science.  Our seniors garnered over 2.5 million in scholarships.  Many students received some sort of college credit. Currently we have at Kauai High:

 ·       AP Classes  (expanded selections this year and again next year w/AP Art History and AP US History)

 ·       Students do Running Start (students pay for the college credit and go to the college)

 ·       Via CTE  pathways we  have college professors on campus for Building Construction and Design Tech; courses do not cost us anything  yet students get college credit

 ·       Early College courses enhance the above selection:   (funded via a grant, KHS pays 30% of the cost).  Three early college classes offered sy 15-16 and more expected in sy 16-17 during the school day.

For students who need support we are offering multiple options. There is still room available so please, if your student needs to make up credits do it over the summer, don’t wait.  We want everyone to graduate on time, with their class. 

 ·       Summer credit recovery ; starts June 13 (Mon-Thursday) , applications in the front office

 ·       Summer ELL  bridge;  for new gr 9 students and next years gr 10 students , starts June 13


As we close the year some key information we want to share is:

       We will again have an online grading portal in sy 16-17 however it will not be “engrade”.  The entire state is moving to a new attendance system in August of 2016 called Infinite Campus.  There is a grading parent portal associated with this system and we will provide information in the start of the year packet.  Please review this packet once it arrives home. ·      
        Due to electrical improvements and switch over to these improvements at KHS, we will have all office staff on vacation on June 8 and 9 as not much can happen these days without electricity.  Consequently the office will not be available to support your needs on June 8 and 9, our apologies in advance for any inconvenience.
·       Over 86% of our students had no referrals, that is wonderful, demonstrating respectful, academically minded students make up the majority of our student body        
        Over the summer, your students achieve accounts are still operable.  Students know their passwords.  Encourage your students to read a book, read a magazine, or use their achieve accounts.
Anne Kane, Principal "Student Information Privacy"

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