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Kauai High School

Principal's Message

Principal's Message


September 20, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Some good news; our Technology Center is under construction! There are pictures on our Face Book page.  Kauai High's Vision is to "Educate, Engage and Empower All to be successful."  Part of that success  requires 21st century skills. We currently  have many classes which support these  21st century skills and our new 'Technology Center'' will allow Kauai High to further emphasize  the importance of 21st century skills.

Did you know  Kauai High has:

  • Students who are part of a PBS "STEM reporting lab project"; a national  program
  • Students who produced  a Hiki No PBS section for September's program  regarding the Biomass plant on Kauai
  • Students who are programing using a "Unity 3-d virtual reality" platform and several  attended a conference on Oahu recently to further enhance  their understanding of this 3-d programing platform
  • An English Department that has been recognized  by Hawaii P-20 group and invited to present at a state  conference in December
  • A Credit Union branch on campus; student run and fostering "financial literacy" schoolwide
  • ACT scores that beat the state  average 4 years in a row:  for "Percent  who met college benchmarks in English" and "Percent meeting  all four  subject area  benchmarks" o n this standa rdized test

Students are accomplishing wonderful things with support of their  teachers and support at home. At graduation 2016,  we recognized connections of our current students to our islands past; in 1916 STEAM was the future on Kauai.  Steam engines powered the cane  haul trains in Lihue. Steam generated power provided electricity to run the  mills and energy to process the sugar itself_  Just like the cane haul trains and the sugar mills; our Kauai High School students are also powered by STEAM but in a different way with  a different kind of STEAM. For our students; the Steam  in their  future is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and  Math... that isS. T. E. A.M.  We all know  technology is in every aspect of every  job. This new "STEAM" will set our KHS graduates on their  journey; will power their  job opportunities and  their  future.

Our new Technology Center  will support our Kauai High Vision. Students signing their TRUF (Technology Responsible User Form) and committing to Ethical and Responsible use of the computers will allow the students to participate in this  journey to their future. In addition all students should  have a Video Release form on file so we can allow their picture in the yearbook So please,  as a "team,"  help us to make sure your students are part  of the yearbook by returning these forms_   Forms can be found  on the Web site or at the front office counter.

We are  all a "team" to support our students; when  we work together to help our young  men and women  envision their future, then  students realize why "effort" and achievement during High School  is important.

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