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                                                                                                                                                                                    Dec 1, 2017
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Soon it will be Winter Break time, time to relax with family friends and loved ones. Safety of our students is always a priority. Without a safe environment students cannot grow and students will not feel cared for.  As a school KHS focuses on 5 key areas and making sure “Students feel cared for and encouraged to grow” is one key area.   In light of the growing number of sad and unfortunate active shooter incidents around the country, KPD recently conducted Project Guardian with respect to preventing, mitigating and responding to an active shooter event.  In addition the state said the proper response to other attacks is to lock down/shelter in place.  As a school we are preparing staff to keep the students safe. We will be doing additional lock down/shelter in place drills for students at unusual times and unannounced.  Please review the VP Corner note for more details on what KHS is doing to keep your students safe.  
One recommendation  in the case of a major emergency  is that parents use ‘text messages’ to confirm their students  safety then remain in place; do not come to school.  In an emergency everyone understandably wants to check on loved ones, using ‘phone lines’ clogs up verbal police communications.  However Text communication gets deliver in order as space allows without clogging emergency calls.     Rushing to the school will impede the first responders and create unnecessary traffic; especially on our limited access Lala Road.  Please, in the event of a major emergency: text, confirm your child’s safety, and let the emergency responders do their job.
WE have multiple activities to encourage students to grow; become well rounded individuals beyond pure academics.  Many of these were listed last month and here are a few more:  
  • Kauai High participates annually in the National Shakespeare Competition.  Students perform monologues from Shakespeare’s works during the school competition each January, we send one to the state competition and Hawaii sends one student to Nationals.
  • Kauai High has the longest- running AVID program on Kauai serving students 9-12; Mrs. Smith was the first on island to get this program going over 17 years ago.
  • Students supporting students via Peer Mediation; trained students help other students to resolve conflicts peacefully and learn lifelong skills.
  • Science Olympiad students continue to practice for the annual competition; check them out on our Facebook page
  • In 3rd quarter students will go to Oahu to participate in Japan Wizard’s; a competition ; a team of our Japanese class students participate; KHS offers Japanese class levels 1 through level 4.
  • Media students getting recognized by Leslie Wilcox president and CEO of PBS Hawaii.  By November 2018, KHS students already had 4 stories broadcast on PBS Hiki No program; usually it was only 3 stories the entire year.
  • Key Club continues to provide service to the community; currently they are working with the Salvation Army by ringing bells at the Holiday Red Kettles collecting donations outside many stores; students volunteering their time to help others.
By working together we can create a safer school  community for everyone.  Have a safe and enjoyable Winter Break.  Remember; the last day of class for students is Dec 21, they are released at the end of the day and will return January 9, 2018 as all central complex schools are taking a Professional Development day on January 8, 2018.
Happy Holidays,
Anne Kane, Principal