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August 10, 2017
Dear Parents and Guardians,
As the new school year begins we welcome all our students back to Kauai High.  Focus this year is on a three part partnership Parents/ Teachers/ Students all working hard to assure our students maximize learning outcomes and are encouraged to grow.   Encourage your student to join a club, participate in an activity or sport as part of their high school experience. 
On Friday August 11 your student received a packet with required paperwork. There are many documents but only stapled items need to be returned (Freshman have 6, everyone else 5).   Please return all 6 of the items stapled in the packet to your student’s homeroom teacher.  The other items are for your review and do not need to be returned. Please especially fill out the Free and reduced Price Meal Application “on-line”, this could bring funds to the school as well as getting your student a free lunch and free bus pass.  A paper copy is also included if that is easier.
During the 2017-18 school year, we will focus on literacy strategies that students can internalize and utilize once they complete high school.  Parents please support our efforts to have students do more reading.  During Homeroom on Friday we do silent sustained reading time (SSR) unless there is another school based activity.  Teachers will be incorporating subject specific reading to provide students with some additional practice. 
For those students needing to make-up a failed class, we have Credit Recovery available after school every day.  The Credit Recovery lab is available immediately after school in room U-101. See your student’s counselor for more details.  It is important that each student graduate, thus all credits must be completed and utilization of Credit Recovery for a failed class will keep your student on-track to graduate with their class.
Open House will be September 6, 2017 from 5pm until 7pm.  Come for a fun evening, class meetings, and an opportunity to meet your student’s teacher.  Clubs will be selling food items and running games.   Class meetings start at 5pm for grade 9, then 5:45 for grade 10, then 6:30 for grade 11.  So enjoy the Open House meeting your child’s teachers before and after your grade level meeting.  Seniors will have their own mandatory meeting on August 22 to review graduation related items.  However, Senior Parents/guardians, please come to the Open House and meet the teachers.
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Anne Kane