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Kauai High School

Chapter 19 » Chapter 19 Offenses / School Rules

Chapter 19 Offenses / School Rules

* See attached Chapter 19 booklet for details, the following list is a summary.  It is understood that there may be other offenses not listed.  All students receive due process.

** Off limits areas: gym, field, all parking lots, areas along fences, behind any building that frames campus, Y-Building, and area so designated by the administration.  Students actions may be responsible for determining the off limits areas.

Class  A

Class  B

Class  C

Class  D



       Dangerous Instrument, weapon use/possession of

       Drug paraphernalia; possession, use , or sale of


       Fighting-includes physically supporting fight by ones presence or encouragement

       Firearms; possession or use


       Illicit drugs possess/use/sale

       Intoxicating substances, use/sale of

       Property damage or vandalism


       Sexual Offenses

       Terroristic threatening incl look alike gun


       Cyber bullying

       Disorderly conduct

       False alarm: rendering of:



       Harassment now includes physical restraining, threatening or stalking


       Inappropriate use of internet or computers

       Theft; or



       Abusive language

       Class cutting


       Smoking or use of tobacco substances


       Laser pen/laser pointer; possession or use of

       Leaving campus w/out consent

       Truancy (not at school or;

out of class without a pass, or;

 the pass is not used for intended purpose)

       Contraband ; possession or use of :

-electronic equipment during academic time, not school issued or not used for academic purposes

-“gang” paraphernalia,             -cigarettes, eCigarettes, lighters, -skateboards,

-balloons (or any other water paraphernalia ) etc.


Any other conduct as may be prescribed and prohibited by Kauai High school rules;

Including but not limited to:

-  Tardies

-   Minor problem behaviors

-  Inappropriate language

-  Display of offensive words, pictures, or printed material

-  inappropriate behavior

-  disrespectful /defiance

-  disruptive

-  minor teasing/taunting

- drama's/ rumor's

-  dress code

-  failure to wear schoolwear or  failure to wear school ID

-  out of bounds

-  violation of internet policy agreement

-  PDA (public display of affection) / Inappropriate displays of affection

-  unauthorized student parking

-  being in off limits area**