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Frequently Asked Questions
This page contains answers to common questions.

What should I do if my child will be absent from school or will be tardy?
Parents should write a note or get a doctor’s note when student is absent. The student, upon return to school from the absence, will need to drop the note in the attendance box in the main office. Be sure that the note contains the student’s name (first and last), date of absence, reason for the absence, parent’s name (first and last), the parent’s signature and a contact number should there be any additional information that is needed by the school. 
*The DOE attendance procedure requires notification after 5 days of absences by the parent or guardian of the student. 
*The DOE does not differentiate between excused and unexcused absences. 
How does my child deposit money into his/her lunch account?
You can give your child cash or your check made payable to Kauai High School to deposit into their lunch account at the Main Office either before school or during morning recess. A receipt will be issued when payment is received by one of the Office Clerks at the Main Office. All deposits made after recess is deposited the next school day.

How does my child get a bus pass?
Your child can pick up a Bus Pass Application at the Kauai High School Main Office. Bus application must be turned in to the Main Office with payment. The application will be sent to the DOE
Student Transportation on Kauai. The student will be issued a temporary bus pass after the 10 day processing period as the Bus Passes are made at the Kauai District Office. If your child loses their bus pass, they will need to pay $5.

How does my child clear his/her obligations?
If your child has an obligation for any library material, he/she must see the Librarian. All other obligations, such as athletics, school books, etc., he/she go to the main office.

How can I get homework or set up a conference with teachers for my child?
You can call the counselor's office to request homework if your child is absent from school for three or more days or to set up a conference with teachers. If your child is absent for one or two days, the student needs to coordinate getting their homework directly from their teacher. The Counselors are listed by

Grade level and their phone numbers:
  • Ms. Lindsey Robasciotti, Grade 9 Counselor, Phone: 274-3173 ext. 111
  • Mr. Larry Gardner, Grade 10 Counselor, Phone: 274-3173 ext. 109
  • Mr. Charles Fulks, Grade 11 Counselor, Phone: 274-3173 ext. 112
  • Mrs. Kristi Moises, Grade 12 Counselor, Phone: 274-3173, ext. 115
What if my child loses his/her Student ID?
A replacement ID card may be obtained by going to P-26, Ms. Vess' room. A temporary ID can be obtained at the Main Office. Lost, stolen or defaced ID cards must be repleced at the student's expense of $5.

How do I get a student pass for my child for an appointment/personal business?
Your child must present a written parental request to the Main Office before school or during morning recess. Requests must be signed by the parent/guardian and must include your child's name, telephone contact for parent, reason for off-campus pass, date and time that the student must be dismissed. If it is a last minute appointment, you will need to report to the Main Office to sign your child out of school. The Main Office will assist you by calling your child out of class as soon as you arrive at the school. As a reminder, all visitors to the campus must report to the Main Office.

How can my child apply for free or reduced lunch?
Free and reduced lunch applications can be picked up from the main office or completed online ( as it is much faster. 

What if my child has a concern which needs administration attention?
You can call the Vice-Principal for your child's grade at the following number:
  • Grade 9 & 10 Vice Principal is Mr. Paul Crowe at 274-3173 ext. 105.
  • Grade 11 & 12 Vice Principal is Ms. Lorna Tresler-Basquez at 274-3173 ext. 106.
What if my child wants to join a Kauai High School Athletic Sports Team?
You may contact the Athletic Director, Mr. Keli`i Morgado, at 274-3173, ext. 218. In order to join a Kauai High School Athletic Team, you must complete the Kauai High School Athletic Packet which must be completed before a child can participate in any athletic activity. Forms include Parent Approval Form that needs to be notarized and a Physical Form which needs to be completed by a Physician. Forms are available at the Kauai High School Main Office.

What if my child is ill when in school?
Your child needs to inform his/her teacher that he/she is ill, the teacher will give your child a pass to go to the Health Room. The Health Nurse will contact the Parent/Guardian listed on the Emergency Contact that the child is ill. You may go directly the the Health Room to sign your child out early for illness.

How does my child get a parking permit?
Your child can pick up a Parking Permit Application which needs to be signed by the Parent and completed with pertinent information. That application along with the $5.00 payment can be brought into the Account Clerk's Office to receive their parking permit pass. All students must park in the Student Parking Lot area located in the back of the campus.

Is cellular phones allowed on campus?
Cellular phones are allowed on campus but can only be used before school, during recess, lunch and after school. If a student is found with a cellular phone during class time, it will be confiscated and given to the vice-principal. The first offense, the cellular phone will be returned to the parent/guardian of the student. Thereafter, for the second offense, the phone will be confiscated and will not be returned to the parent/guardian until the last day of the school year at the owners' expense. Detention is also given.

Is there a Dress Code at Kauai High School?
Yes. It is as follows:
  1. All students MUST WEAR Kauai High School approved school wear. Any student not wearing school wear will be given an economy shirt and assessed an obligation. Consequences may also follow.
  2. Drug paraphenalia, gang symbols, obscene words, nude, sexually harassing, or sexually explicit figures are NOT ALLOWED anywhere on ANY clothing article.
  3. Students may NOT EXPOSE any part of their midriff.
  4. Undergarments may NOT be exposed at any time.
  5. Student't bottoms (shorts, skirts, dress hems) have to be longer than the length of their arms extended down to their sides with their hands clenched in a fist.
  6. Questionable attire will be determined whether appropriate or inapproriate by the Administration and/or school officials.