Registration for sy2018-2019 will be December 4-11. Registration materials to be passed out on Dec 4.
3577 Lala Road, Lihue, HI 96766
Phone: 808-274-3160

Kauai High School

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School History

On April 30, 1913, The Governor of the Territory of Hawai'i signed into law Act 160 to establish "the Kauai High School." The courthouse was located on a four-acre parcel atop a hill often referred to as "Ke Kuhiau",
which translates as "high point." The area was once the site of "Ke Kuhiau", on of three heiaus located near Kalapaki Bay. On September 14, 1914, Kauai High School opened its doors in the renovated courthouse as the fifth high school of the Territory of Hawai'i and the first high school on the island of Kaua'i.

School Colors: Red & White
School Mascot: Raider

1. Here beside Pacific waters
On our fair Kaua'i
Stands our school
Amidst the ironwoods
And the cane fields nigh.

2. Many hours of play & study
In our glad school days,
Memories shall twine around us,
Lovingly always.

Kaua'i High School, we'll be loyal;
Let your praises sing.
Hail to thee, O Kaua'i High School,
Loud your praises ring.